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Windows messaging downloads. Send text messages to cellular phones. Send sms text message from computers to cellular phones, pagers, mobile devices, billboards, PDA's serial port devices and other wireless devices.

$34.95 for CD

NotePager Pro
Computer to mobile text messaging. Send text messages to mobiles or pagers with an easy to use desktop paging software. Send messages to groups or single individuals.

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starts at $ 150.00

Text messaging site gateway. Complete lan messaging software sends to mobile phones, pagers, LCDs or other wireless devices from a number of different interfaces through a wireless gateway.

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$ 25.00

WinFonie Mobile
transfers the phone book from Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Access, Windows address book, Palm Desktop, Workpad Desktop, Lotus Notes, Lotus Organizer, Combit Addressmanager or Cobra Adress Plus into your mobile. Supports Nokia 5110, 5130, 6110, 6150, 6210, 6250, 6310, 6510, 7110, 7160, 7190, 8210, 8310, 8810, 8850 und 8890. .

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$ 10.00

allows for the fast and simple editing/control of Siemens Mobile phones, either via cable or IrDA. (supports the S25, C35i, S35i, M35i, SL42, SL45, SL45i, ME45, S45, S45i, C45, M50, MT50).

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$ 32.85

This tool enables you to synchronise your Outlook phone numbers with your mobile phone. You can also upload logos and ring tones, and Synchronise and send SMSs.

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$ 16.60

Ringtone Composer
Composer for Mobile Phone Ring Tone is a tool converts MIDI files or melodies composed by you to keystroke instructions of mobile telephone ring tone.It supports almost all mobile phones.

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