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A network paging gateway that allows text messages to be sent to cell phones, pagers and PIMs from any combination of six different interfaces. Both the commandline/ASCII and the serial interface are frequently used to integrate PageGate in to existing applications.

WebGate is a fast, easy, and reliable way to stay in contact with your out-of-office personnel. Individual webpages or group webpages and webpages with drop-down lists can also be automatically created and maintained by WebGate. Messages sent from these web pages can be received on cell phones or pagers. Email messages or notification of newly received email can also be sent.

Allows for the fast and simple editing/control of Siemens Mobile phones, either via cable or IrDA. (supports the S25, C35i, S35i, M35i, SL45, ME45, S45, C45, SL45i, SL42). Beside the Siemens Mobile phones supports "VisSie" also the cordless telephone Gigaset 4000micro. With the program "VisSie" can be worked fast and simply without large training reached by the Explorer Style.
Composer for Ring Tone
Composer for Ringtone is a tool converts MIDI files, RTTTL or melodies composed by you to mobile telephone ring ,or part of music into mobile telephone ring It can exports 2 types of ring tone formats :key-press sequence ring tone , RTTTL ring tone . You can key-in the key-press sequence or send RTTTL ring tone to your phone via SMS(Short Message Service). No cable or infrar interface is needed. .
This is a ringing tone editor applet in Java, for creating and editing tones for mobile phones. The editor features a note staff and a 'piano keyboard' for those who prefer entering tones that way. Unlike others, this editor makes it possible to change tempo, style and volume in the middle of a tune.
Logo Wizard
Logo Manager allows you to customize your phone with graphics and ring tones. You can even design your own. It includes phonebook management, and backup and restoration features. The program supports most GSM Nokia phones. LogoWizard is a fully functional graphics and ringtone editing tool for Nokia mobile phones. It allows you, through the use of the standard FBUS cable connected to a personal computer running Windows, to customise virtually all aspects of your Nokia phone.

Logo Manager for Nokia Phones
design your own graphics for your Nokia. The following types are supported: - Caller Group Graphics - Operator Logos - Startup Graphics - Picture messaging Unlike other tools, LogoManager enables you to upload the graphics directly to your phone without the need for specially enabled SMS centres and without extra messaging costs to the user.


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